Chin-Hsuan Wu


I am a student at Vision Science Lab advised by Prof. Min Sun and Dr. Yi-Hsuan Tsai.

My research interests are 3D vision and robotics. Currently, I am working on how we can acquire robust 3D perception through large-scale self-supervision.

We are hosting the 1st Multi-View Layout Estimation Challenge in the OmniCV workshop at CVPR 2023. Welcome to join us!

360-MLC: Multi-view Layout Consistency for Self-training and Hyper-parameter Tuning
Bolivar Solarte*, Chin-Hsuan Wu*, Yueh-Cheng Liu, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Min Sun
NeurIPS 2022 / webpage / arXiv / code

360-DFPE: Leveraging Monocular 360-Layouts for Direct Floor Plan Estimation
Bolivar Solarte*, Yueh-Cheng Liu*, Chin-Hsuan Wu, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Min Sun
RA-L 2022 / webpage / arXiv / code

Robust 360-8PA: Redesigning The Normalized 8-point Algorithm for 360-FoV Images
Bolivar Solarte, Chin-Hsuan Wu, Kuan-Wei Lu, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Wei-Chen Chiu, Min Sun
ICRA 2021 / webpage / arXiv / code

Visual-Inertial SLAM for Industrial Robot Navigation
Developed and deployed real-time stereo VI-SLAM to AGV robots for map reconstruction and reuse.

Vision-Based Laser Fusion SLAM for Ground Robots
Replaced LiDAR with camera-laser module for faster obstacle avoidance and localization.

Spring 2023       TA, Maching Learning, NTHU
Fall 2020       TA, Embedded Hardware, NCU